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We must accept finite disappointment, but
never lose infinite hope!
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Life Recovery (Counseling)

The Life Recovery Program of Fresh Start Life Recovery and Transitional Program (FSLR&TP) is heavily invested in the lives of disadvantaged women and children.  We provide counseling relief for substance abuse, sexual assault,  domestic violence, human trafficking, prostitution and those snared in the world of adult entertainment; and a variety of other issues and traumas faced by women.  We also work diligently with the Alabama Department of Human Resources to assist mothers with family reunification, and we provide necessary rehabilitation and parenting skills that are required for mothers to maintain custody of their children.  Our program also includes: case management, individual and group counseling (biblical and evidence-based) that are combined to help our clients experience new beginnings, freedom and healing.  Under our "Life Recovery" Counseling Services FSLR&TP offers counseling to women for any area of life at no cost. 

If you or someone you know,  would benefit from our Life Recovery Program, please  email at: or call our office at  256-542-9580Please Note: Program eligibility and duration are based on an individual assessment.

Transitional Living & Safe House

The transitional program at FSLR&TP assists disadvantaged women and children who are experiencing one, or all of the following: domestic abuse, human trafficking, leaving either prostitution or exotic dancing; and single mothers facing homelessness.  Our transitional housing program also provides intensive case management to assist clients with educational, vocational, and financial goals.  Case managers of FSLR&TP use various methods to monitor the goal of each client.  For example, case managers schedule weekly appointments with clients, in order to assess daily activities of our clients.   FSLR&TP's Transitional Program is a one to two year program based on the needs/assessments of the client.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to be considered for our transitional program, please email us at: or call us at: 256-542-9580 for an intake assessment.  ** FSLR&TP is not a residential substance abuse recovery program**   
Please Note: FSLR&TP Transitional Housing is scheduled to open before the end of 2018, but we will refer clients to other social service agencies that provide transitional programs.


Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking - Our organization is consistent in its effort to provide victims of human trafficking with critical support and vital social services.  We are committed to providing such victims with transitional housing and case management that enable safety, while clients develop necessary skills to cope in their communities.  Are you, or anyone, you know, a victim of human trafficking?  For assistance, email or call 256-542-9580.  For immediate assistance, or to received recources, please contact the National Hotline for Human Trafficking at 1-888-373-7888.  

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence - Are you experiencing physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, destruction of property, and/or having financial resources being with-held from you?  FSLR&TP provides trauma-informed and comprehensive services to domestic violence victims, to include: court advocacy, counseling for adult and child victims, case management, information and referrals, and educational instruction regarding health and safety issues, legal rights and both financial and vocational training.  Fresh Start also provides help with housing through either our transitional housing or case management referral services.   Are you, or anyone you know, experiencing domestic violence?  Call 256-542-9580, for assistance.  *All calls are confidental.  You may also call Crisis Services at 256-716-1000 or the National Hotline for Domestic Violence at 1-800-572-2990 for further assistance.  

Underserved Population

Underserved Population - The underserved population group that FSLR&TP works with includes women who are ready to leave the adult entertainment, exotic dancing, and prostitution industries. Through our life recovery & transitional programs, we assist underserved populations with parenting skills, vocational skills, financial skills, and life skills.  As our spiritual responsibility, we believe that God will do a "new thing" in the lives of our clients, as promised in Isaiah 43:19.  FSLR&TP provides appropriate resources that offer hope and empowerment.  Are you, or anyone you know, underserved?  Please call 256-542-9580 for assistance.   *All calls are confidential.

Case Management

FSLR&TP offers help with case management and the location of resources for single mothers facing homelessness and with DHR Reunification.  We also provide this same case management service to our counseling clients according to their individualized assessment and treatment plan. 


Homeless Intervention

Homeless Intervention - In an effort to combat homelessness among disadvantaged women and children by providing counseling, and diverse housing referrals and comprehensive support that allows clients to be relieved from destructive cycles of homelessness.  FSLR&TP has also reserves a few spaces in our transitional program for single mothers facing homelessness.  We offer quality, affordable housing that allow homeless mothers to experience happiness and well-being.  Are you, or anyone you know, homeless?  Please email or call 256-542-9580, for assistance. **FSLR&TP does not offer financial assistance**


Reunification - FSLR&TP is knowledgeable about the multi-faceted strategies that the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) employs to address issues pertaining to disadvantaged families.  Based on this knowledge, FSLR&TP works alongside the DHR to assist clients with family reunification, maintaining family and cultural connections, providing evidence-based services to families, and supervising visits between families and social workers.  FSLR&TP also provides intensive parenting skills, vocational skills, and financial skills training to parents, during the reunification process.  Do you, or anyone you know, need assistance with reunification services with the possibility of including transitional housing?  Please email or call 256-542-9580